A few words about us

Minoan Snails was established in 2011 in Herakleion – Crete, where its headquarters and storage facilities are located. Its purpose is providing high quality gastronomy products and services at the best prices.

Consisting of a team of experienced executives, the company distributes top quality snails on both domestic and international markets.

In addition, Minoan Snails supports its partners with an organized sales department, the ideal purchase consultant for every professional in the food-catering industry.

By working with a fleet of modern refrigerated trucks, Minoan Snails serves its customers on a daily basis and ensures products delivered to their destination within 24 hrs of the order or even on the same day.


Helix aspersa – 1 kg


The package consists of a special mesh that allows the snails to breathe freely. Recommended as retail package.

Helix aspersa – 15 kg


Special, disposable snail transport package, consisting of mesh sacks that allow the snail to breathe freely. Recommended for processing plants and wholesalers.

Personalized product packaging


Contact us to discuss the diversified packaging that you would prefer based on your needs for the product you are interested in.

Cooperation Options

  • Shipment by order (on-demand).
  • Shipment by agreement (quantity and frequency).
  • Our enterprise is able to meet your needs, irrespective of size/volume.
  • Transportation is carried out worldwide by refrigerated trucks

The family business was founded in 1970 and continues deservedly for third generation in row, guided by Mr. Nikos Fournarakis, having 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and entered into commercial agreements with many customers from all over the world and keeping lots of customers satisfied.

The enterprise in so many years of operation in the snail marketing sector has entirely covered the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Throughout all these years, quality has remained unaltered with consistently excellent products.

Contact details

Send us your message and we will contact you for any information you may need.

Fournarakis Nikolaos
Episkopi Pediados, 70008 Herakleion – Crete
Tel.: +30 6974 733634